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We are a family like yours...

My wife Nadia and I, together with our 3 children, have been living in this splendid area for 12 years.. Nadia and my children were born here, while I discovered it later… and fell in love with it immediately…

…we are a family like many others, we have our daily activities and we try to raise our children with respect for themselves and for others, we love to be surrounded by beautiful things…

We decided to renovate a dependance, next to our home, to make it available to those who wish to enjoy the beauties that nature has given us.

An apartment with kitchen, bathroom, a double bed and a sofa bed which, if necessary, also becomes a double bed… a very large back garden

You are very welcome!

Our Region

The faithful friend

O sin il Tiliment...

Il Tiliment nus travierse cence dividinus, nus insegne la aghe, la vite, nus insegne la pôre de sô fuarce, de nestre fuarce.
Il Tiliment nus fâs di spieli. Nome nô si cognossìn dentri di lui, e cui che al à pazience di cognossinus.
Il forest, a prin colp, no lu viôt, no nus viôt: par lui la grave e je dome une striche blancje di claps, come vues infinîts, di muarts dismenteâts.
Ma ancje cuant che no je lûs di aghe, il flum al cor simpri sot de grave.
Al reste vîf, al reste salvadi, al reste libar.
Noatris o sin il Tiliment

(written in our own local language…impossible to translate 🙂 )


We like your smile...

It takes so little…

Wherever you have friends, that's your country. Wherever you receive love, that's your home.

We love our small country and we would like to share this pleasure with you…
…we want to teach our children respect for people of all colors, ethnicities, religions, sexual and political orientations.
I think this experience will help us grow in that direction….
You are very welcome… we like your smile…

...what to do in Ragogna

Much more than you can imagine

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